Yasi Peiris has enjoyed creating imagery since early childhood. In his early teens his passion for drawing portraits and sketching fashion illustrations inspired him to create series of images with conceptual values that still have a contribution to the fashion industry as a photographer.

Yasi started out his higher education at the age of 16 when he was accepted to Raffles Design Institute in the fashion design program. However after a year he realized his heart did not belong in the fashion industry as a designer. He took a turn and decided to take on a foundation course in art design and architecture at RMIT University to hone his skills in photography.

Following the foundation course, Yasi was accepted to the Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at RMIT. His passion and experimental approach to photography drove him back to the arms of the fashion industry, where he aims to change its commercial landscape.

His work is mostly comprised of fashion editorials on menswear. He believes that there is a very little place given to menswear and men’s editorials in high end fashion as well as in a commercial level. His work shows different ways in which this glass ceiling could be broken. It is his strong belief that men’s fashion is equally as beautiful and important as women’s. Individual expression is important regardless of one's sex or sexuality, which is why his work often breaks society’s norms on gender—pushing the limits on art and the human body.